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The Unreliable Narrator: how to nail it!

June 19, 2023 Beth McMullen and Lisa Schmid Season 2 Episode 33
Writers With Wrinkles
The Unreliable Narrator: how to nail it!
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Show Notes

A head’s up that we are changing the show format by splitting Books on Botox and the Hot Writing Tips into separate episodes. This lets us spend more time on both without ending up with a show that is just too freaking long. We hope it works for you and please share your feedback with us because that helps a lot. 

 Today we are talking about unreliable narrators. 

Definition: A narrator is “unreliable” when we have reasons to doubt the versions of events he or she is presenting to us as factual in a story. For whatever reason, the narrator isn’t disclosing isn’t telling us the whole truth or is purposely hiding important parts of the story.

Listen in to hear how to use the unreliable to tell a page turning story!

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