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How to write about neurodivergent characters with author Sally J. Pla

July 10, 2023 Beth McMullen and Lisa Schmid Season 2 Episode 36
Writers With Wrinkles
How to write about neurodivergent characters with author Sally J. Pla
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Show Notes

What we are talking about:

  • how to write authentically about neurodivergent characters and foster understanding among readers;
  • how to tackle difficult subjects in your writing
  • how a setting inspired The Fire, The Water and Maudi McGinn, (out 7/11!!)

About Sally J. Pla

Sally’s books have been translated into many languages, garnered starred reviews, appeared on many ‘best book’ and state lists, and picked up a few awards along the way. But the best thing they’ve done is connect her to young readers. Her books include The Someday Birds, Stanley Will Probably Be Fine, Benji, The Bad Day, And Me, and her latest, The Fire, The Water, and Maudie McGinn, from HarperCollins Quill Tree Books which publishes July 11th which is tomorrow so go and buy it or request it at your local library as soon as this podcast is over. Okay? Good. Author Elana K. Arnold called Maudie McGinn “a gorgeous, bighearted, beautiful book.” And Publishers Weekly just gave it its first star.

 Sally also runs A Novel Mind, a web resource on neurodiversity and mental health representation in children's lit that is dedicated to helping connect kids with the books they need. Sally, who’s autistic, has English degrees from Colgate and Penn State, and has worked as a journalist and in public education. Actually, she’s had lots of different jobs. And has lived in lots of different places. Find her at sallyjpla.com.

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